Who we are

We at Eichler’s Coffee roastery are a romantic bunch, we love hand made products and we love things made well! Based in a converted stable yard in the Essex countryside we roast on a traditional gas-fired roaster that brings out the sweetness and depth of flavour in our coffee beans. We take pride in every aspect of our business, from sourcing quality beans from the farmers through to the roasting, quality control, packaging, coffee brewing techniques and prompt delivery to your home or your shop.

We wholeheartedly believe that coffee is a way to bring people together. It is a moment of pleasure that should not be wasted with the sorry old coffee all too often on offer in the shops!! We hope that you will enjoy a cup of Eichlers Coffee that is smooth and balanced, interesting or unusual to the taste, has none of the bitterness you might have experienced and gives you a gentle lift to the day, not a bag of jitters. Lovely coffee is a thing worth having and we hope that we can share the world of coffee with you as we learn and grow!

The ethos of Eichler’s is inspired by our mum who grew up in Berlin. Firstly because of her very German quest for good quality that she instilled in us and secondly because of the many times she has inspired a good get together with a round of café and kuchen.

We feel that coffee is way for people to come together and enjoy a small pleasure and it is this belief that inspires us to put all our effort, love and attention into the simple pleasure of creating a great cup of coffee.

Coffee beans